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Episode 176 – What Would The Patient Want?

What happens when a family member or friend is incapacitated and they’re counting on you to make a healthcare decision for them?  Do you take the doctor's advice for treatment?  Or do you push back, knowing the patient would never want the treatment the doctor is...

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Judith Henry: The Dutiful Daughter’s Guide to Caregiving

When Judith Henry's parents became ill in 2007, not even her reputation as a pragmatist, a planner and responsible eldest sibling could prepare her for what lay ahead.  But Judith had one advantage: around age ten she had played a caregiving role for her mother, who...

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When Is It Time To Stop Driving?

Former Ohio state trooper Matt Gurwell spent 20-plus years delivering bad news to family members about accidents involving older drivers.  Now instead of delivering death notifications, he’s helping to preserve family relationships and saving lives with a...

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Jay Perry: Journeying Through Cancer

Award-winning Canadian photographer Jay Perry dodged burning cars in Haiti after the country’s devastating 2010 earthquake, he’s had Haitian rebels point their guns in his direction and he’s driven across the country in a cramped van eating and drinking off four...

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